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How it works


Become a member. It cost only N1000 monthly. 

Upload Image

You can upload any image/photo of your choice(except pornographic images, any of such images uploaded will lead to deletion of your account). There are several image categories and you are expected to upload at least one image in each category.

Like Photos

For you to be eligible to earn money, you have to like images posted by other members(you are not permitted to like images that you upload). You would be given a restricted number of “likes”(7 likes/votes per poster) of which you must make use of within the month.

Recieve your Cash

You earn money from the number of likes you earn within the month. For every like you earn the following.







      You get paid at the end of the month from the number of likes/votes your images receive within the month.


“Making a living could not be easier. With Elios service, I get to do the three things I love the most; posting images, viewing images and earning money. Elios service has enabled me to turn my hobbies into a financially profitable venture.”

About us

We are a social site that is concerned with helping young people make money from activities they enjoy doing everyday(posting and liking images). People take photos and upload images  everyday, they entertain others, lighten up people’s days, we believe that people can and should earn money from entertaining others.

Our mission

Our mission is to help people make money from doing things they enjoy.

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